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A world of experiences in every destination

Are you a sightseer, a mountain hiker, an art lover or a foodie? Perhaps you’re a sun bather, a paddle boarder, a wine taster or a photographer? Or maybe you like to mix things up – day to day, or even moment to moment? On a P&O Cruises holiday you can indulge all your different passions and try new experiences because, as you visit a variety of destinations, there are so many things to do ashore. When you sail with us, you’ll enjoy a full day in almost every destination. And on cruises with evening or overnight stays, you’ll have chance to soak up local nightlife and, in some cases, an extra day in a fascinating city such as Lisbon or New York. To help you get to the heart of each destination, we offer a huge range of shore experiences. Working with local experts, we look past the typical tourist trail to find the unique, the authentic and the unmissable things to do.

So, will you kayak along the sparkling, mountain-flanked fjord from Geiranger or laze on a sun lounger at a heavenly Aruban beach resort? Perhaps you’ll snorkel in Dubrovnik’s turquoise waters or discover the secrets of historic Arucas and savour local rum on Gran Canaria. Of an evening, you might take the family for some eerie subaquatic sightseeing with a submarine experience off Barbados, when nocturnal sea life emerges from the shadows. On Mount Teide in Tenerife – a world-famous stargazing spot – you could peer up at the fascinating evening sky as an expert guide points out planets and nebuloses. Or in Barcelona, you might find yourself sipping sangria while soaking up a flamenco show. Of course, there are those once-in-a-lifetime, pinch-me moments too. For you, it could be climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, soaring by helicopter above Reykjavik’s spectacular landscape or taking in a captivating ballet performance in St Petersburg.

Personalised experiences

If you’re keen to explore independently – travelling at your own pace and only with your family or party – a Personalised Experience could be perfect for you. Ahead of your holiday, you can use my.pocruises.com to book a private vehicle with a driver who’ll take you to the places you really want to see in your chosen destination. You can even add a private English-speaking guide to make sure you get the most from each experience. Then, once you’re on board, simply visit our Shore Experiences team and we’ll help you craft your ideal itinerary. And on the day itself, all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax as you’re driven around, hassle-free and in complete comfort.

Kayaking, Norway

Reasons to book with us

Complete peace of mind

We only work with the very best local providers to ensure the highest possible safety standards and, if you’re delayed on your way back to the ship, we won’t set sail without you.

Freedom of choice

From once-in-a-lifetime adventures, to simple, convenient transfers, we offer a huge range of experiences with something for everyone.

In-depth local knowledge

As your trusted destination experts, our team works hard alongside local guides to offer a range of unique, authentic and exciting adventures with real value for money.

Easy booking options

You can book online at my.pocruises.com up to 365 days before your holiday or visit the Shore Experiences team on board your ship.

Transparent prices

All shore experiences are priced in pounds at the time of booking and there are no hidden extras, ever!

Looking for inspiration?

Whether it’s several months before the start of your holiday, or the day before you reach a destination during your cruise, we’re always happy to offer advice and inspiration so you can make the most of your time ashore. Our brand new digital port guides are full of local recommendations and will be shared with you via email two weeks before your holiday. Our friendly on-board Shore Experiences teams also offer a fountain of knowledge about each place you visit.

Stargazing from Mount Teide, Tenerife

Ballet, St Petersburg

Explore Barcelona

Safe travels

Depending on when and where you sail, it may be necessary to join our organised and vetted shore experiences when exploring ashore to help us protect the health and safety of our guests and crew and the communities we visit. For our latest holiday information and guidance, visit pocruises.com/cruise-with-confidence

Book ahead

We advise choosing your shore experiences as early as possible, with the option to book up to 365 days before your holiday. Visit My P&O Cruises to browse and book everything on offer.


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